finite element analysis of fatigue life for deep groove

2015-7-22Numerous works have used several approaches to estimate fatigue crack propagation and fatigue life by means of experimentation and FEA [3 5-7] Branco et al [8] applied the adaptive remeshing technique based on the finite element method to evaluate crack shape evolution and fatigue life Load distribution in deep groove ball bearing has been studied in this work A deep groove ball bearing model is proposed basing on geometry specific measurement Two approaches (finite element method and semi-analytical) have been used to determine the distribution of an external radial force applied These two approaches have been compared in terms of computation time and precision


2018-10-11inner and outer race conformity combinations on bearing life for deep groove and angular contact ball bearings Deep groove ball bearing's structure is simple and is widely applied Its main failure mode is contact fatigue sapling of rolling elements The contact finite element analysis can show bearings' information under contact

2018-7-9Because of dispersion of fatigue life s bearing manufacturers use life defined as the fatigue life that 90% of the bear ing The dispersion of fatigue lives for homogeneous group of bea rings such as shown in Fig 2 7 (2 4) where represents probability of survival and L is the life in mill ions of inner race revolutions is the characteristic

clearance value under the maximum fatigue life curve the literature uses the finite element analysis method and theoretical calculation to study the characteristics of the deep groove ball bearing cage and the steel ball during operation[3] The important influence on the cage and the relationship between the

2009-9-223 Concepts of Stress Analysis 3 1 Introduction Here the concepts of stress analysis will be stated in a finite element context That means that the primary unknown will be the (generalized) displacements All other items of interest will mainly depend on the

2018-8-1Fig 5 presents an algorithm proposed for steam turbine rotors fatigue life monitoring under thermo-mechanical loads A specific feature of the algorithm is the inclusion of a strain energy correction factor derived from elastic and elastic-plastic finite element analysis in strain amplitude evaluation


The Ioannides and Harris fatigue life model and the Dang Van multiaxial critical criterion was used for the fatigue life calculation by means of a 3D FE simulation depending on various parameters The results of the investigation showed that the fatigue life of the hybrid bearing bushing significantly depended on the production parameters

2017-5-18tooling groove defect in the 12593242 Cradle • The worst case tooling groove was 0 071-in deep and 2 300-in long spanning the full length of the channel Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release distribution unlimited • Goals: – Run a fatigue and critical crack analysis on the modeled portion of the plate that has the tooling

2019-12-10With the increase in the coefficient of raceway groove curvature radius and the decrease in the initial contact angle the static load capacity of the bearing decreases finite element calculations and theoretical model validation Finite element analysis of fatigue life for deep groove

2017-5-18tooling groove defect in the 12593242 Cradle • The worst case tooling groove was 0 071-in deep and 2 300-in long spanning the full length of the channel Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release distribution unlimited • Goals: – Run a fatigue and critical crack analysis on the modeled portion of the plate that has the tooling

Fatigue life estimation at the snap ring cut d/b = 2 d/b = 3 d/b = 4 2N (cycles) f r/h Fig 9 Fatigue life 2Nf due to the geometric parameters of stress relief grooves under the conditions where (max)R/(max)S 1 tigue life was increased with an increase of r/h and a decrease of d/b as shown in Fig 9

2019-7-1Here ANSYS Software is used for finite element analysis of single row deep groove ball bearing ANSYS calculates stress distribution across the bearing element The aim of this research is to identify the deformation and life span of the bearing 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Static behavior and life of ball bearing theoretical

1994-10-25After parent application Ser No 07/985 832 was filed on Dec 3 1992 a finite element analysis (FEA) was performed on four different models to determine the effectiveness of the extra long taper (Miu) alone and in combination with the stress relief groove shown in FIGS 3-5 Analysis Model No 1 was an extra long taper only

2016-11-2analytical approach is validated with the finite element analysis software ANSYS Keywords— Fatigue Finite element Analysis Shear stress Endurance limit I INTRODUCTION HE term fatigue was introduced by Poncelet a French researcher in 1839 A fatigue is a minute crack at critical area where the stress is acting at its maximum

Optimization of Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity of Deep

2015-7-15rolling element bearings maximum fatigue life is a prime requirement The fatigue life (L) of Deep Groove Ball Bearing is subjected to normal load C can be estimated by ( ) (3 1) Where C d is the Dynamic load carrying capacity and n=3 for Deep Groove Ball Bearing 1) Design Parameters for Deep Groove Ball Bearing

A method for characterizing a threaded coupling such as between two tubular members is disclosed In one embodiment a threaded connection between a first tubular and a second tubular is considered where the first tubular has a internally-threaded box structure and the second tubular has outer threads defining a pin structure A mathematical model of the connection between the two tubulars is

2019-7-10Finite element analysis The process of finite element analysis was carried out by ANSYS R16 2 software (ANSYS Canonsburg PA USA) (OpenFOAM is an open access alternative) It included three phases: the pre-processing processing and post-processing phases

Rolling bearings are widely used in aeroengine machine tool spindles locomotive wheelset and so forth Rolling bearings are usually the weakest components that influence the remaining life of the whole machine In this paper a fatigue life prediction method is proposed based on quasistatic modeling of rolling bearings With consideration of radial centrifugal expansion and thermal

A stabilized underintegrated enhanced assumed strain solid-shell element for geometrically nonlinear plate/shell analysis Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 2011 47: 511-518 36 Weiqin Tang Shaorui Zhang Yinghong Peng Dayong Li Influence of Extrusion parameters on grain size and texture distribution Journal of Materials Processing Technology 2011 211: 1203–1209

2015-2-33 FINITE-ELEMENT METHOD SIMULATIONS FEA (Finite Element Analysis) consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analyzed for specific results It is used in new product design and existing product refinement A large part of a fatigue analysis [6] is getting an accurate description of the fatigue material properties