car vibrates after new clutch - pontiac flathead

I then got a new fault code P2102 TAC motor circuit low I found a MAS wiring diagram for this car and black turns out to be fused power 12 volts I hope I did not fry a circuit I let the car sit for a few minutes and started it up still in limp mode I checked the fuses I removed the 30 amp ECI fuse It looked okay MURRAY RIDING MOWER 18 hp 42in cut auto $300 call 996-1910 NEW 16FT UTILITY TRAILER w/brakes $1450 256-8784576 days 256-878-0446 nights NEW WHITE SHREADER leaf vac like new cost $2000 new sace for $350 or trade 256-226-1944 OLDER MODEL HOME MADE lawnmower trailer 56" wide 68" long w/drop gate sides lights and winch $250 firm 931


The fuel gauge does not work but the temperature and oil pressure gauges do work and it has good oil pressure This has an aftermarket saddle tank that is hidden I have not tried to use it The 4x4 works but it will need at least one U-joint in the front end It vibrates when the shifter is in but not out so it most likely is an axle joint

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2020-7-1The seat that I got from Hamilton is in better shape but there is still a broken part on the front left corner Much better than the seat in the car After driving the car I feel that I am leaning to the left The centre of the new cushion is well stuffed and the left bolster seems to fall away

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2010-1-30I have my 50 chieftain 6 in the shop to have the transmission serviced and clutch rebuilt The car drives very smooth with the exception of a worn out clutch This is a Drivetrain shop that was rec and does work on older cars as well as bigger trucks The transmission was in good shape except for

1994-4-1For all practical purposes a new car it has 32 000 miles on a rebuilt 454 CID 20-mpg small Block V-8 All rust is repaired and it has a new exhaust brakes and a near-perfect white vinyl interior It does have patchwork paint from body repairs but it only cost $950 The closest new model is Pontiac's V-6-powered G(T)P

2019-12-30JDupuis interesting concept for a diesel in a model A the reason i chose the GM industrial is that it is like the mid 60 Chevy 2 and Nova 4 cylinder 153 cu in motor those and the Vortec 3 0 industrial is181 ci in and the back of the motor has the same belhousing mounting as the chevy V8 so i can use a chevy to early ford trans adapter and Clings makes the kit for pedals and E brake to fit

2020-8-15My car has 207000 miles If the vibrations disappear or reduce dramatically in neutral it's likely that you need new engine mounts There could be a few different components behind the reason as to why your Ford Ranger's clutch pedal is going to the floor The first two components to check are the clutch master and slave cylinder

2020-7-17Thanks Nick you nailed it After a good cleaning with throttle body cleaner the fluctuations stopped but the RPMs were still low I finally replaced it (Ford calls it the IAC valve stands for idle air control valve) and it's been running like a champ ever since Easy fix too – jdickson Feb 27 '13 at 22:38

1994-4-1For all practical purposes a new car it has 32 000 miles on a rebuilt 454 CID 20-mpg small Block V-8 All rust is repaired and it has a new exhaust brakes and a near-perfect white vinyl interior It does have patchwork paint from body repairs but it only cost $950 The closest new model is Pontiac's V-6-powered G(T)P

After tacking both plates in place the front of the frame was again cross-measured (note: the extra temporary brace that was added) Fatman Fabrications has always been known for rock-solid street rod components at the right price Constantly evolving and improving we now offer this new kit with stainless control arms for only $100 more

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2019-3-29Insert the new CV axle into the transmission housing Just as you removed the old CV axle insert the new one into the same spot in the transmission housing The peg will slide all the way in until the axle is flush against the housing There is a small C-clip on the axle that you will feel snap into place

The car came with a six and had pretty awful fuel mileage I thought it would be fun to put a V8 in the car so a buddy of mine found an old 289/4 bbl for sale and swapped it in The motor had been rebuilt to stock specs nothing fancy A week after the swap I realized I was getting better gas mileage with the V8 than I

What could cause my car to misfire under load like climbing a hill? Answered by: Carmen An Expert in the Troubleshooting Category A misfire under load complaint can usually be broken down into 2 categories The soft misfire often called a surge is commonly associated with fuel related issues The sharp misfire on the other hand

2001-2-25The thermostatically controlled fan clutch failed on my F250 last summer about 200 miles from home on a very hot day As long as I drove above 30mph the engine stayed cool If I slowed down the temp shot up A new fan clutch restored the airflow and fixed the overheating problem

2012-9-17The teardown of my '51 Pontiac has taken far longer than I expected As usual the car is not nearly as solid as I originally thought The floors are completely gone and I found lots of filler in the lower rear quarter Anyway I have some big flathead screws that will just not come out on the front end They are froze solid and just want to strip

after perpendiculars: A vertical line at the intersection of the summer load line and the after side of the rudder post or sternpost or the centerline of the rudder stock if there is no rudder post or sternpost after-start enrichment: When an engine is first started it needs a